Hello there! I'm Gwen Delmore
Hello there! I’m Gwen Delmore!

Welcome to my website and blog. I am an artist and writer. I say this proudly, even though my entire life I have done other things. Making art and writing have been the constants throughout my life, the dream I never thought I could truly pursue, but the one I was most drawn to. I majored in Japanese language and Asian studies in college. I’ve worked with incarcerated teenagers, run a daycare and preschool from my home while raising my two children, I was a barista for 6 years, and when I was 50, I went back to school and became a massage therapist. I recently retired after 16 great years in that profession.


It’s never too late to be the (wild girl) you might have been…
define your world with courage, creativity and wisdom

I say that my dream is to be the “wild girl/woman” I always wanted to be, because the artists and writers I saw in the world and in literature (and in my imagination!) were always a little wild, a little radical. I’ve always been shy, and was taught, relentlessly, to be “practical” and a “good girl”. I never thought I was cut out to be as wild and free as artists seemed to be.

My desire is to share what I’ve learned to help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be. You don’t have to aspire to be a wild woman (though it’s awesome if you do!)

I use the tools of creativity and writing to help you uncover your wisdom and the courage to pursue your dream, to become the person you have always wanted to be.

It took me 50 years to learn that I could be my own version of the wild woman. I am still learning, still evolving. I hope you will want to learn with me. Check out my class page, and sign up for my newsletter. One final thought:

Dyeing my grey hair pink helped a lot…