It's never too late to become the wild woman you dreamed you'd be one day! We can go for our dreams as long as we are still breathing, there are even some advantages to beginning when we are older.

Part of secretly longing to be a wild woman for me was wanting to be an artist—wanting to make things, dress creatively, to write, to create a world where I actually felt like a wild woman!

Do you have a dream? Have you been looking for ways to make it happen? Are you unsure where to even start because you aren’t quite sure what the dream really is at this point in your life?

I offer help to figure out what your dream is, how to uncover it and ways to proceed once you have started to figure it out.

You have the answers, I help you uncover them through your own courage, creativity and wisdom…even if you feel you haven’t got a creative bone in your body!

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